MOUNTWOOD CO is an Multiplay Station ISO 9001:2015, Outdoor Gym Equipment EN 16630:2015, Sports Floorings,ISO 45001:2018 (OHSAS), ISO 14001:2015 Certifcate ZED Bronze Certifcate, MSME UDHYAM-UP-56-0000706 Certified Company Sports Poles


We all know that doing exercise is good for our physical and mental health that help us to live a healthy and happy life. The health benefits of doing exercise and physical activities on regular basis are hard to ignore and everyone get benefits from it, regardless of age or physical ability. Doing exercise on regular basis, you can boost your mood and can improve your lifestyle. It will help to boost level of your energy, level of your happiness, reduce the risk of heart disease, increase the strength and flexibility, increase self-confidence and improve memory. If you want to feel better, happy, more energetic, and want to add more years to your life … just do exercise. There are many studies found that peoples who exercised daily feel better, energetic and live a long life.


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Our Features Products !

Open Gym Equipment

Cross Trainer Double Air Walker
Double Chest Presser Gym Push Up Bars
Gym Surf Board Shoulder Wheel
Outdoor Gym Treadmill Pommel Horse

Sports Flooring

Lawn Tennis Synthetic Flooring Basketball Acrylic Court
Indoor Badminton Wooden Rubber Board Volley ball Synthetic Outdoor and Indoor Court
Outdoor 9 layer Synthetic Acrylic Tennis Court Volleyball Synthetic Court
Badminton Court Flooring And manymore.....

Who We Are ?

Incepted in the year 2020, we at Mount Wood Co are a trustworthy organization engaged in manufacturing wind range of Outdoor Air Swing, Air Walker, Balancing Beam, Basketball Poles etc.

Being a customer-focused domain organization, we endeavor to work towards attaining the utmost contentment of the valued patrons proficiently. Our dedicated professionals work in a close bond with our valued clients to provide their exact needs and offer products according to their choice.

Under the valuable guidance of our mentor, Mr. Pardeep Jayant (Founder), we deserve to get a commendable position in this field. We are serving customers from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, (India).

Warranty For Outdoor Gym Equipement

1- Limited 10-year warranty on main post and metal structure.
2- Limited 5-year warranty on moving parts and bearings.
3- Limited 3-year warranty on seats and backrests.
4- Limited 2-year warranty on footrests, armrests, rubber parts.

All warranties cover failure due to natural deterioration or manufacturing defects and do not include any cosmetic issues or wear and tear from normal use. This warranty does not cover cosmetic items such as scratches, dents, marring, fading, discolouring, weathering, wear and tear, or normal level of rusting. Warranty is valid only if the equipment is installed and maintained in conformity with Mountwood Co installation and maintenance Guideline provided by us. Equipment should not be exposed to any irrigation, especially with reclaimed water, as this will void the warranty.


Understanding of pipe thickness

Open Air Gym structure, Pipe thickness is as important as the durability of the product, see the below diagram of how to measure thickness of pipe. We use the pipes as per the standards of ISO/ASTM & EN. ( IS1239 Gr “A” & “B” “C” )

Moving parts and bearings

Bearing is the most important part of Open Air Gym Equipment. Many companies are using bearings for moving parts also but we are using best quality branded & self-lubricated bearing to enhance the durability of product. Self-lubricating bearings are also referred to as maintenance-free or grease less bearings as they require no relubricating or grease.


Powder coating and Finishing

In terms of the finish itself, powder coating is known for being far more durable than other paint options. During the curing process the powder melts and forms long chemical chains as it gels together. As a result, the finish is more flexible than traditional paint, and allows for a small amount of bending and flexing as your parts vibrate and move. It is also resistant to scratching, flaking, and corrosion.

Open Gym Equipment Manufacturer

MOUNTWOOD In the dynamic world of fitness, where innovation meets functionality, Mountwood Co stands tall as a pioneer in open gym equipment manufacturing. This comprehensive article aims to shed light on Mountwood Co's journey, the revolutionary open gym equipment they offer, and the impact they have had on the fitness industry.

Open Gym Equipment Manufacturer

Outdoor gym equipment manufacturer

Mountwood Co, a distinguished open gym equipment manufacturer, redefines fitness excellence with its state-of-the-art offerings. Renowned for precision engineering and innovative design, Mountwood Co sets the industry standard in crafting durable and high-performance gym equipment. From customized solutions to cutting-edge technology integration, Mountwood Co ensures a seamless blend of form and function

Multiplaystations Manufacturer

Mountwood Co, a leading multiplay stations manufacturer, stands at the forefront of innovation, crafting immersive and dynamic fitness experiences. With a commitment to excellence, Mountwood Co designs and produces multiplay stations that redefine the boundaries of fitness and recreation. Our state-of-the-art equipment combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, offering a versatile solution for fitness enthusiasts and recreational spaces alike. From robust construction to customizable features, Mountwood Co's multiplay stations reflect a dedication to quality and user satisfaction, ensuring an elevated and engaging fitness environment for all. Choose Mountwood Co for cutting-edge multiplay stations that set the benchmark for excellence in the industry.

Multiplaystations Manufacturer


In the realm of outdoor recreation and fitness, Mountwood Co stands tall as a leading manufacturer of top-tier Outdoor Gym Equipment, Sports Flooring, Sports Poles & Hoops, Swings, Slides, and Outdoor Multiplay Stations. This article delves into the diverse range of offerings from Mountwood Co, highlighting the key features, benefits, and the unparalleled quality that sets this brand apart.

Doing exercise on regular basis, you can boost your mood and can improve your lifestyle.

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